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Ultraman Nexus: My Thoughts [Apr. 1st, 2007|02:21 pm]
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Well, I'm beginning to finish watching Ultraman Nexus now, and so, I've been doing some personal research about this show. With that said, here are my thoughts on this show (THIS is not a review by the way, just some personal thoughts XDD ).

In my opinion, I think Ultraman Nexus is an underrated show in the Ultraman universe. Because from what I've hear, many Ultra-fanatics dislike this show, because at that time, viewers didn't like the radical change in the tone of the series.

Why radical change? Well, simple. In the previous Ultraman shows (and most Tokusatsu shows in general), each episode always feature a certain "monster-of-the-week" (or day, depending on how frequently it shows =P ). Ultraman Nexus, on the other hand, is full of character-based story arcs, with ech episode sometimes having more drama than action. And I have to admit, sometimes, it kinda gets tiring on watching it like that, with m always expecting Nexus fight a monster, only to be disappointed in the end. -=^__^=

However, I still stuck watching each and every episode of this, all because of, yes, it's radical change. I think Ultraman Nexus, in it's time, truly lives up to it's intent by bring a fresh change in the series. Indeed, the story is so dark, and involving, that I really can't help but continue to watch every episode, just to see the story development. And what really interests me is that the main enemies there come from...origins that initially, I wouldn't even expect (in fact, I was very surprised when I found out that the Unknown Hand/Dark Zagi is actually Ishibori Mitsuhiko all along).

What's also interesting, are the cast of main characters. almost everyone of them has a tragic experience that makes their character colorful, especially the Dunamists. XD And even here, the makers even made a change to the background of their main character. Sure, Komon Kazuki my still belong to a certain defense team to fight the monsters (Night Raiders), but unlike the previous shows, he's NOT Ultraman Nexus (although he finally gets to be as Nexus in the end =^_^= ). The role of becoming Ultraman Nexus is instead placed on the Dunamists, other characters who are not involved at all with the defense force.

Oh, and yes. There's Ultraman Nexus itself. Out of all the Ultramen that I've seen fight, I've neve seen anyone who has to overcome such unfair odds everytime other than Nexus. I mean, he sometimes fight two Space Beasts at the same time, sometimes, he fights a powerful Space Beast, and seemingly defeats it, then suddenly, it revives and becomes increasingly powerful in the process (and it happens when Nexus' ColorTimer blinks red). Well I've never watched all Ultraman shows yet, but for me, Nexus' battles seems kinda unfair sometimes. And yes. He defies those odds all by himself (with little help from the Night Raiders).

Finally, the soundtrack. I don't know about the ending themes, but I can safely say the opening themes certainly ROCK! XDDD

With all that said, I think the big reason on why Ultraman Nexus failed to recieve good ratings and had to be cut short of episodes (MAN! I HATED IT!), is poor timeslot management. I mean, geez! A show that can be THIS dark and gloomy, on mornings? Of course children won't be watching a show that's this dark. If it was shown on primetime, like they intended initially, maybe the 50-episode plan would sure come into fruition (and maybe, I could see more of Komon as Ultraman Nexus, and most probably Ultraman Noa ^_^).

So to close this, I strongly believe that Ultraman Nexus is surely one of the best Ultraman shows out there. I surely can't compare it yet to Ultraman Max and Ultraman Mebius, but in my opinion, Nexus remains at the top of my Ultraman favorites. XDD

Comments, corrections, violent reactions are welcome. =^__^=

[User Picture]From: madsqueeble
2007-04-01 01:52 pm (UTC)
Dude, LJ-cut? Particularly since you have spoilers?
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[User Picture]From: cosmos89
2011-11-27 01:24 pm (UTC)
1 of my favourites too !
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